Our main product is world-class, delicious, well-raised, grass-finshed BEEF. We offer FREE delivery to: Sheridan, WY, and Miles City, MT.

Delivery to other nearby points can usually be arranged at a reasonable cost. We are also happy to connect you with other customers in your area who may wish to “cow share” on bulk orders or coordinate transportation. Shipping arrangements can be made upon request. Additionally, we offer:

  • BEEF
  • LAMB
  • GOAT
  • Other Local Foods and Local Products

Please contact us for availability and estimated delivery date before placing an order. Cuts and Prices are listed below. The Order Form at the bottom may be mailed or e-mail to us, along with a deposit check.

Lohof Grass-Finished Beef: BULK

Pounds (Approx.)50025012562.531
Total Cost (Approx.)$2800$1500$788$415$217

**ALL prices above are based on ACTUAL pounds of meat you will receive and include all processing plus delivery to Miles City or Otter, MT, or Sheridan, WY. Generally, if you purchase a Whole or Half Beef, you will be charged by Hanging Weight (“on the rail”) at a Whole Beef = $3.85/pound and a Half Beef = $4.15/pound, a Whole Lamb/Goat = $5.25/pound. Beef hanging weight may range from 500 to 800 pounds. Live weight purchase, primal cuts, delivery to a custom meat processor, and shipping available upon request.

Cuts Typically Included:Lbs./CutWholeHalfQuarterEightSixteenth
Chuck Roasts3.7168421
Rib Steaks1.130157-83-41-2
T-bone / NY Strip Steaks1.130157-83-41-2
Cubed Steaks (2/pkg.).53014-167-852-3
Sirloin Steaks.8281473-41-2
Ground Beef (lbs.)22001005024-2612
Rump Roasts3.3211-2 of Rump Roasts
or Tri-Tip*
1 of Rump Roast
or Sirloin Tip Roasts*
Between 1 and 3
Rump Roasts
Sirloin Tip Roasts
Tenderloin Steaks
or Round Steaks*
Sirloin Tip Roasts4.1421
Tenderloin Steaks.41052-31
Round Steaks1.516842
Short Ribs3.812631-21 short rib,
stew meat,
or soup bones*
Stew Meat28421
Soup Bones1.812631-2

*You will likely receive different cuts in this range vs. multiples of the same cut if more than 1 cut is noted. If only 1 cut is noted you will receive only one of the options listed.

Lohof Grass-Finished Beef: CUTS

Individual CutsPrice/Pound*Average lbs./CutAverage Cost/Cut


Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)$20.000.4$8.00
T-bone / NY Strip$14.001.1$15.40
Rib Steak$14.001.1$15.40
Flank or Flat Iron Steak$9.000.9$8.10
Hanger Steak$8.001.2$9.70
Sirloin Steak$8.000.8$6.00
Skirt Steak$7.001.4$9.80
Round Steak$7.001.5$10.50
Cubed (Tenderized) Steak (2/pkg.)$6.501.0$6.50


Rib Roast$14.005.0$70.00
Sirloin Tip$8.004.1$32.80


Stew/Kabob Meat$6.502.0$13.00
Ground Beef Patties (1/3 lb./ea)$7.0010.0$70.00
Ground Beef$6.501 or 2$6.50 or $13.00
Short Ribs$6.503.8$24.70
Cross Cut Shank (Meaty Soup Bones)$6.001.8$10.80
LIver, Tongue, or Oxtail*$3.001.0 - 2.0$4.50
Heart, Marrow Bones, Kidney, or Tallow*$3.004.0$12.00
Dog Bones (1 grocery bag,~10 bones)$5.00/pkg.$5.00

*FREE with Bulk order!!

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