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Where can you buy our beef? (Like us on Facebook to stay informed!)

Otter, MT – At our ranch! Our freezers are never empty and our door always is. Call ahead for directions, bring your fencing gloves, savor a burger, and take home meat for your freezer. We typically host an annual summer Ranch Tour. Like us on Facebook to find out the date!

Sheridan Farmer’s Market – Each Thursday of the summer we bring a freezer of meat and other local products to sell at our booth at the Sheridan, WY, Farmers’ Market. We also participate in the Annual Sheridan Local Food Expo, Ashland, MT, Health Fair and other community events.

Sackett’s Market – 2248 Coffeen Ave., Sheridan, WY, carries our beef in their freezer case and can custom cut orders for you. They also grill up LOHOF Grass-Finished BEEF burgers at the Farmers’ Market in the summer.

Links of Interest – Wonderful blog of ranch life – Excellent source of information about the environmental, health, farmer, and animal benefits to eating pastured meats. – See what is available in your neck of the woods – All of his books are interesting – Wonderful balm plus they buy tallow from us (AFFILIATE! Check it out. :o)
Same advantage for you as with the regular balm.

When you purchase LOHOF Grass-Finished MEAT, you:

  1. Pay a Montana ranch family for the work we do. The price of our meat is based on the cost of land, fuel, processing, and local hay.
  2. Keep a small USDA slaughterhouse in Montana open and busy. Four huge international meatpacking corporations process over 80% of the beef sold in the USA. This consolidation reduces the price farmers and ranchers receive.
  3. Preserve native rangeland, soil health, plant diversity, and clean water.
  4. Protect Sage Grouse habitat and keep the grouse off the endangered species list.
  5. Reduce the number of animals that are sold into the commodity feedlot system.
  6. Put people to work on the ranch land and continue a unique way of life. The American family farmer is a vanishing breed with fewer than 1% of the population claiming farming as a primary occupation and the average age being 57.
  7. Preserve wildlife habitat and corridors.
  8. Eat sustainably for you, the land, and the animal.
  9. Can enjoy world-class taste AND health from meat that is uniquely slow-grown and dry-aged.
  10. Contribute to our entire community, helping to keep some of the most rural schools, churches, and post offices open!